Equity Concepts Entertainments thanks God mostly for these significant steps in 2013 and we are very happy to share with you the fruitful initiatives we have taken this year. Some of these were advised by our members and creative teams, media and partners! 
Joined as Only West Africa member of FRAPA (FORMAT RECOGNITION AND PROTECTION ASSOCIATION) base in Netherland 

Launch of the first of many members network meeting in Cannes

Production of First world class pilot on KNOW YOUR MOVIES TV Game Show

    Part of Launch of The FRAPA Format registration System FRS in Cannes, France
 Closed Broadcast Distribution partnership agreement with With Funhouse TV in US.

 Closed Co-production partnership agreement with Asi B Films to produce KNOW YOUR KNOW MOVIES

    Rewarded CEO with CAMA award as most creative Event manager of the year

    Intensified partnership with Reed Midem in relation to MIPTV and MIPCOM content market in France

    Intensified partnership with Prensario on KYM promotion in online and print publications

    Advertised  KYM in MIPCOM and DISCOP AFRICA 2013 news –magazine and online guilds

    Recognized as the only Format company in West Africa
    Equity Concepts to Host NOLLYWOOD BLINGS ON NIGHT in France April 2014. 
    Equity Concepts visibility online is now like a wide fire KYM is taking it franchise to all countries of the world 2014
Upcoming Events 2014

If you want to be part of our international content upcoming events 2014 in collaboration with FRAPA in Master classes and lectures in Washington, Florida Miami, DISCOP Europe, UK, Australia, Ireland, Wales, Basque, Budapest, South Africa with Rio, Buenos Aires, Istanbul and Prague. Our assistant will be welcome do contact us for more information.
Please call me 08030676098 for booking for your involvement


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