Dear SNN Affiliate:

As part of our continuing effort to help you earn commission from promoting SNN products, this tells you how to promote our two next teleseminars to your Web site visitors and ezine subscribers. We know this is late notice for Ford's session, so if it is too late, perhaps you could promote Marilee's.

Our next teleseminars are:

Oct. 18, Tues. -- "Make Your Web Site a Profit Center: Internet Marketing Techniques for Speakers, Authors and Consultants" with Ford Saeks

Oct. 26, Wed. -- "How Mere Mortals Can Create and Sell High-Profit Products" with Marilee Driscoll

Following is the formula for you to create your affiliate link so you can promote this teleseminar, CD and MP3. Here's an example:

Here's how it works. The


part tells the shopping cart that you are the affiliate and the


part points to Ford Saek's teleseminar page on the SNN site. You can promote the teleseminar, CD or MP3 and send your contacts directly to this page. So just substitute your affiliate number in the above sample where it now has "135244".

If you want to promote any other SNN program, just find it on and substitute the relevant URL. Of course, be sure to put your affiliate number where "?afid=135244" is
listed above. Your number was sent to you when you first registered.

The shopping cart will track your sales and you can log in anytime to see how many people have purchased from you and how much commission you have learned. You received the log-in info when you first registered as an affiliate. If you forgot your affiliate number or login info you will always be able to check the status of your account with us. To do this, just go to:

If you want to make this a smaller URL, just go to By entering a URL in the box on the home page, it will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires.

We have more exciting products in the works, and will update you when you can promote them to your list.

With appreciation,

Ken Braly & Rebecca Morgan
Co-Publishers SpeakerNet News


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