Conversation Topics for Dates

By: Lisa BowerThe only way to get to know your date is by talking to them, but you may not know which date conversation topics work when getting to know someone for the very first time. When you're on a date, it helps to consider what you want to know about the other person. Additionally, if you seem genuinely interested in what this person has to say, you may find yourself booking a second date.
It's a general rule that you should avoid talking about the past on a first date. Instead, you want focus on getting to know one another without previous relationships haunting or clouding this process.
Instead of starting a date by asking for your date's deepest and darkest secrets, think about starting off with safer topics. For example, start the date by asking about their background. Additionally, be sure to ask where they work, if they like it and what their career goals are. This will show that you're interested in their work and have an eye to the future.
Asking about your date's friends is also a good move. By asking about them, you show that you're interested in all aspects of your date's life. This may be a good way to get your date to open up about the kinds of people they like to spend time with.
Ask if your date has ever been out of the country and about dream destinations. This will show you even more about your date's interests and is a good way to segue into activities and sights that interest them.
Knowing how a person spends their free time will help you learn more about them. Ask about hobbies and interests, as well as about things he or she has wanted to try. Not only will this show you more about your date's personality, but it could end up giving you important date ideas if you decide to see them again.
Be sure to ask specific questions after you have the above basics covered. You could ask about pop culture (i.e. if you could eliminate one celebrity, who would it be?) or ask about biggest fears. Make sure to ask about things in which you are interested. Remember: This is about getting to know your date.


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