choose one now

The best thing you can do in this planet is to help somebody achieve it's dream.
Hearing this story is jargons but that is the fact, about life , funny enough: the person you helped today might be your Saviour tomorrow,
because in life it's not your condition that will determine your destiny but your decision will determine your destiny,
therefore, what decision are you making today?

Are you still carrying yourself as an exhibit, a liability or an asset?

What impact do you want to make in your society or the world?

Do you want to watch things happen or do you want make it?

In sports, two things are involved, either you are the one playing the game or you are the one watching the game?

Nevertheless, which one are you? The player or the watch?

consequently, you can't be the two at a time, therefore, my dear please choose one now before it will be too late..
thank you

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