yes you can!!

your not yet a man untill you discover the real you,
what you can do on your own, it can be building, marketing, acting, singing, designing, writing books and so many more things you can do on your out there!!

do you know that "the so called rich men like me didn't have two heads"
they just have the 1 head you have but the different is the usage of that 1 head that matters.

just make up your mind to be successful, you will definitely make it because God created you to make it in life.
and remember that today's decision is tomorrows reality, you can't win if you don't start something,
God is not a magician but he is a miracle worker.
so don't compare magic with miracle, they never resemble each other..

never you accept failure and mediocrity because it is a crime, it is dangerous and it is cantakaerous to your being.

think big , dream big and one day your dream will and must come through, in Jesus name..

mc ambassador the only mc/comedian of the 21st century..
hala me if you have any event..
i love uuuuu..


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