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Perhaps like myself, you're fascinated by unusual ways to make money. Years ago I read about an old couple diamond hunting in parking lots, and I knew there were more ways to get paid than I could imagine. As for myself, at twelve I pulled Playboy magazines from a newspaper recycling bin to sell in school. Before that I sold ammunition to both sides in my brother's paper-wad war. I still look for the more interesting angles on financial matters.

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Unusual Ways To Make Money: The Pages

We've tried some of these ways. A few years back, my wife and I have sold a lot of rocks, for example. Others ways we've read about, like the man who finds treasure in vacuum cleaner dust. Then there are things we've seen people do to make money, like the man we met at a campfire who sold stuffed animals on the side of the highway and claimed to make $4,000 per month.

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This Month's Unusual Way

Selling Souvenir Dirt - More than once people have sold dirt that came from the property of famous people. Now there is a place called the "Dirt mall," which sells vials of dirt from from Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City). I have heard that they get $20, plus shipping and handling. I also just visited another company online that sells soil samples from all over the world, encased in a keychain or magnet.

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Make Money Finding Things is a page about treasure hunting - in unusual ways. Get the rest of the story on diamonds in parking lots, and treasure in vacuum cleaner dust.

Making Money Using What You Have is about using the skills, situations and things you already have to produce extra income. Do things, make things, rent things, sell things, and more.

Making Things To Make Money is for those who like working with their hands. I sold hundreds of walking sticks one summer, for example.

Money Making Hobbies : Find a way to make money with your current hobby, or find a hobby that you'll enjoy and make money with.

Playing With Money : Be a loan-shark? Beat the dealer at blackjack? All sorts of unusual ways to play with your money to make more.

Making Money With Real Estate : Some unusual ways to make money with land and houses and hilltops.

Even More Unusual Ways To Make Money: There are some fun ones here, including the man who sold stuffed animals on the side of the road.

Unusual Jobs : You don't have to start your own business to make money in unusual ways. Want to know what a "Wrinkle Chaser" is?

Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate : (off-site affiliate link) This ebook has made me money - Steve

My Unusual Recommendation: The Meditation Program - My favorite brainwave entrainment CDs. I use these to put me into a meditative state for brainstorming new ideas, and for reducing stress so I make better money decisions. - Steve


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Five Tips On How To Save Money - The basics you need to know.
How To Get A Degree For Less Money - By Raine Parker.
Suggestions for How to Make Money from Home - Some examples and advice.
How To Make Money - And do it working from home.
Make Money From Home With The Internet - By Robert Smith.
Ways To Save On Food - Specifically fruits and vegetables.
A Few Money Saving Ideas - From car pooling to bulk buying.
What Are The Best Jobs In A Recession? - Some examples and ideas...
Recession Opportunities - Questions and Answers - Steve answers subscribers.
Economic Collapse - Survival Tips - Worst case scenario planning.
Opportunities During A Recession? - Here are a few examples...
Keys To Survival In An Economic Depression - How to be prepared.
Learn To Budget Money - A four-step plan to get you started.
An Economic Survival Strategy - Which expenses should be cut?
Tips For Surviving Hard Times - Preparations that will help no matter what happens.
How To Make Money Online - Many ways listed, as well as links to pages with more details.
Two Work At Home Opportunities - If you have a computer and internet access...
Best Home Business Opportunity? - This one is my favorite...
Get Google Ads Free? - The ebook was supposed to show me how...
How To Make Money - Three principles you need to know.
Ten Creative Advertising Ideas - New ways to promote products and services.
Benefits of an Economic Recession? - Yes, there are a few...
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Gas Savings - 18 Ways To Spend Less On Gasoline - Reminders and a few new ways.
Your Personal Finances - Six important steps to start taking now.
Two Money Saving Tips - No coupon clipping here...
Best Internet Marketing Tools - Recommendations based on my own experience.
A Review of Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate - I found a good one finally.
Saving Money On Groceries - Including a few unusual ways, naturally.
Ready To Be A Blogger? - If so, you'll want to read these ten tips.
What Kind Of Blog? - Of the two basic kinds, one is more profitable.
Making Money Online - Follow your passions or the markets? Two opinions.
How To Win At Poker - Basic strategies and important principles.
Ten Financial Mistakes - Some of the irrational ways we think about money decisions.
Used Car Finance - Lessons For Making Money - An unusual lender and the lessons learned.
Crazy Invention Ideas - Maybe someone can make some money with these...
Ways For Kids To Earn Money - Six good ideas for kids nine-years-old and up.
Money Secrets - Boost that credit score, a 14-year-old millionaire, and Stalin's desk.
The Juggling Street Performer - We watched as his hat was filled with money...
Financial Trouble: It Starts In Your Mind - What about YOUR mind?
Pricing Secrets That Can Save You Money - Insider stuff...
Money Buys Happiness - Sort Of - The science and the common sense...
Treasure Hunting - Four secret techniques.
Save Money By Knowing The Games Stores Play - Two particular ones.
Two Money Mistakes - Are You Making Them? - Many of us are.
Playing With Credit Cards - A look at a few credit card secrets.
Saving Money - $100 Per Hour To Swim? - A scary story with a lesson.

New Website:, home of The Great Colorado Treasure Hunt

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